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Device: KeyMander 2

Keyboard and mouse does not register and controller constantly reconnect

Hi, I just bought the KEYMANDER 2. I have a Xbox one x and a elite series 2 controller. I have a basic HP keyboard with no led and a basic HP mouse. My KEYMANDER app is setup with the correct profile. My KEYMANDER also has a solid green led bar indicating it is set up for a Xbox. The issue is my mouse and keyboard are not doing anything and I ran through all the steps of resetting my Xbox on the forms page. The next issue is that controller keeps vibrating every 10 -20 seconds and my app will say reconnecting and sync profile. Please contact me with support or help.

06/14/2022 8:02 PM


It sounds like the issue may be coming from the USB connection from your controller to the K2. This is most commonly seen when using a USB cable that is not a charge & sync cable.

You can test this by powering off your controller and connecting the USB from your console directly to the controller. If the controller powers on by itself after plugging in, it is a sync cable.

Also, please ensure you are using the power port on the K2 and connecting to a direct power source such as a wall outlet.

Are you able to map both keys and mouse clicks on the K2 App? Try mapping mouse clicks with ONLY the mouse being connected. Then do the same with the keyboard.

06/15/2022 8:29 AM

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