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Device: KeyMander 2

mouse working but can’t use to look around

yo yo, i have the logitech 502 hero which i think said it’s compatible with the keymander, i can shoot and use my buttons on the mouse but i just can’t look around, when i try to it acts like i’m moving with WASD. anyone know what to do? (yes my keyboard works too)

06/02/2022 4:30 AM


This sounds like you may have toggled the "Swap L/R Stick" feature.

The mouse should automatically by assigned to control the right analog stick by default. There is an option to change it to the left analog stick, but it would need to be toggled on within the settings.

This option can be found by going to Sensitivity > Weapon> "Swap L/R Stick".

Switch Trigger to Toggle and map a key to "Active Swap". Once that key is pressed it will switch the L/R stick so that you are able to control the right stick with your mouse. You can choose to remove the bind after toggling it to avoid accidentally clicking on it again in the future.

06/02/2022 1:35 PM

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