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Device: KeyMander 2

How to settings for warzone


I'm glad happy to be here.

I'm using the keymander 2 for Xbox one x, since 3 months for warzone.

Sometimes I'll try sooo many combinations for my curve, sensitivity, x y ads etc.

But it is not perfect, what I thought.

Few years before, I buy in my first time the xim apex and I got nice support from there community. I make it done and it feels like 1:1 pc! I was always the best aimer.

Now in warzone I wanna try it again, but not with xim apex, because I would to try it to set the settings with myself like xim apex, but no. It hurts me a little bit -.-

So my question is, can somebody help me there out, with a Profile Code for share?

I'm so happy if someone can share there profile to me with the best Balistic Curve..

I don't find any tutorials by keymander... Only other developers shows a good tutorial with example for the Balistic Curve.


09/06/2022 5:41 PM

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