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Device: KeyMander 2 Mobile

RAZER TARTARUS does not work


I am facing an issue that it doesn’t work RAZER TARTARUS on Keymander2 mobile.

I set up new button alt and F2 into Tartarus’s keyboard but Keymander seems doesn’t recognize it is keyboard.

if anyone knows resolution for me, please reply me!



09/09/2022 5:32 AM

Good morning,

We have not yet tested the Tartarus on the K2 Mobile. We were able to test the Tartarus V2 and it too was incompatible so it may be experiencing the same.

Is the keyboard lighting up at all?

What color is the LED on the K2 Mobile?

  • If red, you can try getting a different power adapter preferably 2.4A or greater
  • If green, it sounds like it may just be incompatible at this time

We will be forwarding this information for possible compatibility patches in future updates.

09/09/2022 2:07 PM

yeah the lighting is green.

I do wish it to be compatible on Keymander2 mobile very sooon!

all the best


09/09/2022 5:30 PM

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