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Device: KeyMander 2

Destiny 2 Setup - Xbox series X

Hello there,

I just bought the keymander 2 and I have the logitech g915 keyboard an logitech pro superlight.

Both wirelss with lighning speed adapters.

I downloaded the destiny 2 profile in the app but it does not work for me yet, i can't turn in the game.

Does anyone has a nice setup? I play on the xbox series x by the way.

10/03/2022 8:07 AM

bump anyone?

10/04/2022 6:22 AM


Did you follow the in-game notes on the game profile description (game center)?

Max DPI on the mouse (set to 16,000 if it can surpass it).

Matched the DPI number match the mouse in the K2 App.

10/04/2022 9:21 AM

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