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Device: KeyMander 2

Ps5 issues/ trying to play rust

So I’ve recently bought the KEYMANDER 2 bundle with Bluetooth mouse and keyboard from kaliber gaming. And I’ve updated firmware and was able to plug it in download app and use it on rust and remap my settings. After about 5-10 minutes it will randomly disconnect and I’ll have to unplug an replug my usb to my ps5 in order to play on the game again.

my ps4 controller I’m using is fully charged and I’m able to play on mouse and keyboard for some time. But it does disconnect. I’ve also added a external power usb in an attempt to keep it up and running but the same thing happens. I’ve also purchased a beloader pro. To help with setting up. And possibly removing latency.

although when I use the beloader and try to connect. My controller will never pickup the signal. And it seems like my KEYMANDER tries to connect. Sets up profile. Then the lights shut off. I’ve tried running external power cable to each one of the devices. But not both at the same time. Because I don’t even have that many connections.

and Now I’m at a point where my ps4 controller will no longer be recognized with the KEYMANDER. And I can no longer use keyboard and mouse even at the ps5 dashboard. I’ve looked up videos between beloader and KEYMANDER. But it just shows how they are connected and not much other

I’d like to think I know what I’m doing when it comes to settings things up and configuring them. But I’m already having what seems to be compatibility issues

12/11/2022 8:04 PM

if anyone has experience with ps5 and the game rust to help me out that would be amazing

12/11/2022 8:18 PM

Even if I could just get my current setup without the beloader to not disconnect that would be great. Currently I have a full charge ps4 controller connected. A external power supply connected. And a wireless keyboard and mouse. Looks like the KEYMANDER lights stay on. But all inputs across all controlling devices will shut off until I unplug

12/11/2022 8:27 PM

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