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Keyboard and Mouse not responding with PS4

If the KeyMander 2 is connected to a PS4 using the DualShock 4 Slim controller and it does not respond to the keyboard and mouse, there are three things to check. First, make sure you are using a profile set for PS4. If you are using a PS4 profile, the KeyMander 2 status bar should be glowing blue, If not you can download a profile for PS4 from the Game Center in the K2 App. Next, make sure you have enabled USB Communication in the System Settings menu. Go to Settings > Devices > Controllers > Communication Method and select Use USB Cable.

Lastly, disconnect the micro USB cable between the KeyMander 2's Gamepad port and the controller, then wait a few seconds. Reconnect the USB cable. If the cable is a USB charge and sync cable, the PS4 controller should turn on and display a yellow light. If it is a charge only cable, it will show a blue light which means it is still in wireless mode and does not recognize the cable.

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