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Device: KeyMander 2

Wanted to say thank you for creating the best accessibility device in the segment !

Hey team,

Just wanted to say thank you for creating, even if inadvertently, what is perhaps the best accessibility device I've seen for console gaming in the Keymander2. The joy you have brought me deserves a thank you beyond the financial cost of the product. Letting me bring my ergonomic PC peripherals to a console has unlocked a door I thought was shut forever.

I use your product to play games one-handed.

Right hand is on a Elecom EXG Trackball,

Left and right feet are on Savant Elite II footpedals (which acts and functions as a three button keyboard). I run an 4th foot pedal auxiliary as well. My left and right feet use the foot pedals to control the "left stick" for character movement. My right hand controls aiming and all other functions. With my natural right handed aim intact, and my foot driven movement as "good enough", I have begun to play fairly demanding 3D games once again.

I'm pretty confident no one else on the internet is running a setup like mine to play console games one-handed, nor was this your intended use case, but I just think this is a wondrous device for console accessibility.

Here is a screenshot of my completion of the grounded permadeath (per act) challenge for Last of Us Pt. II on twitch. I stream using your product on the PS4 at twitch.tv/noKBkitaro. I use multiple cameras to show the peripherals I use.

It would be absolutely impossible for me to play this game at this level without your product. Thanks again.

02/16/2021 11:45 AM

Hi noKBKitaro,

Thank you for the shoutout! We are glad to hear that the K2 enables you to play your way, and we'd love to hear your feedback the more you use it, in hopes that we can improve the accessibility features for others.

02/17/2021 11:25 AM

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