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What is Mouse Traction Control

The Mouse Traction Control setting adjusts the amount of vertical correction applied when moving the mouse horizontally, to help keep the aim/look view level when making fast, long turns. This feature is designed that when spinning 180 degrees to see (...

dhamilton updated on 07/22/2020 2:25 PM

dhamilton on 07/22/2020

KeyMander 2 firmware will not update from my phone

If for some reason your mobile device fails to update the KeyMander 2 using the OTA (over-the-air) update from our server, you can update it manually using a PC and the firmware upgrade utility found here. Once you have downloaded (...)

dhamilton updated on 05/21/2020 6:00 PM

dhamilton on 05/21/2020

PS4: "PS3 controller is not supported" error

There are a few different circumstance that can result in this error message, so please start checking the following:Make sure the PS4 controller is fully charged.If controller lights up blue indicating it is connected to the PS4 console via Bluetooth, (.

dhamilton updated on 03/06/2020 10:24 AM

dhamilton on 03/06/2020

PS3- Headset connection for PS3 with KeyMander 2

The PlayStation 3 does not support audio pass through from the controller with KeyMander 2, so to use a headset you will need to have a TV with a headphone jack or have the PS3 A/V cable and follow the (...)

dhamilton updated on 03/09/2020 11:33 AM

dhamilton on 03/09/2020

LCD Displays and Input Lag

The speed at which you can competitively play first-person-shooter games depends on many factors, but the one most overlooked is the lad time of the display. FPS PC gamers are always on the hunt for an advantage, so when specialized (...)

dhamilton updated on 03/06/2020 10:20 AM

dhamilton on 03/06/2020