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Advanced Settings: Custom Mouse Curves

KeyMander 2 lets you set multiple modes for each profile, so a great way to take advantage of this ability in multiplayer games is to create special modes that are optimized for different weapons, vehicles or maps to give you (...)

dhamilton updated on 03/09/2020 1:18 PM

dhamilton on 03/09/2020


Device: KeyMander 2

Does KeyMander 2 add delay?

One of the most common questions asked by perspective KeyMander 2 buyers is what amount (if any) of delay/lag/latency does the KeyMander 2 add, so it makes sense to address it here in our FAQ for easy reference.While KeyMander 2 technically does

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dhamilton on 03/06/2020


Device: KeyMander 2

Walk Mode

For times when you need to move slower than the WASD keys allow, KeyMander 2 has a Walk Mode. Open the K2 App and select Walk Mode, then choose a key to activate the function. Caps Lock and Left Ctrl (...)

dhamilton updated on 03/06/2020 10:20 AM

dhamilton on 03/06/2020


Device: KeyMander 2

Aim Assist

In games that offer an Aim Assist feature it is usually a good idea to make sure Aim Assist is set to off or disabled. Aim Assist will usually work against the precision of a mouse as it attempts to (...)

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dhamilton on 03/06/2020


Device: KeyMander 2

What is a Macro?

Macro commands allow multiple actions with a single keystroke or mouse click. For example you can set: “UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, X, O” to execute just by pressing the Y key. To create a macro open the K2 App to (...)

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dhamilton on 03/06/2020


Device: KeyMander 2

What is Turbo Mode?

The Turbo Mode (F10 key) allows the timing of keystrokes to be adjusted to perform faster with certain games when held so you can speed up the rate of fire, etc. This feature may not work with all games, and (...)

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dhamilton on 03/09/2020


Device: KeyMander 2

What is Mouse Traction Control

The Mouse Traction Control setting adjusts the amount of vertical correction applied when moving the mouse horizontally, to help keep the aim/look view level when making fast, long turns. This feature is designed that when spinning 180 degrees to see (...

dhamilton updated on 07/22/2020 2:25 PM

dhamilton on 07/22/2020


Device: KeyMander 2

Does KeyMander 2 support MMO Gaming Mice?

KeyMander 2 only supports mice with the standard 2 side button configuration (forward and back buttons) and does not support mice with additional buttons at this time.

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dhamilton on 03/12/2020


Device: KeyMander 2

How to Use the Active Thumb Stick Swap Feature

The Active Thumb Stick Swap feature interchanges functions of the left and right thumb sticks while an activator key is held. This functionality allows full compatibility with games featuring a “weapon wheel” or “command wheel” that has locations which ar

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dhamilton on 03/09/2020


Device: KeyMander 2

Why is KeyMander 2 Blinking Orange?

If you see the KeyMander 2 status bar blinking orange, it means there is not enough power to run the accessories attached, usually caused by a keyboard that draws large amounts of current.  The K2 App may also show a (...)

dhamilton updated on 06/02/2021 1:20 PM

dhamilton on 06/02/2021


Device: KeyMander 2

How do I transfer my KeyMander 2 profiles to another mobile device?

You can access your KeyMander 2 profile library on other devices, but you must first make sure to back up your library to the K2 App cloud, then restore your library to the other device as shown below:Open the Library (...)

dhamilton updated on 03/12/2020 12:13 PM

dhamilton on 03/12/2020


Device: KeyMander 2

KeyMander 2 firmware will not update from my phone

If for some reason your mobile device fails to update the KeyMander 2 using the OTA (over-the-air) update from our server, you can update it manually using a PC and the firmware upgrade utility found here. Once you have downloaded (...)

dhamilton updated on 05/21/2020 6:00 PM

dhamilton on 05/21/2020


Device: KeyMander 2

PS4: "PS3 controller is not supported" error

The firmware update via App or PC

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dhamilton on 06/02/2021


Device: KeyMander 2

PS3- Headset connection for PS3 with KeyMander 2

The PlayStation 3 does not support audio pass through from the controller with KeyMander 2, so to use a headset you will need to have a TV with a headphone jack or have the PS3 A/V cable and follow the (...)

dhamilton updated on 06/02/2021 12:51 PM

dhamilton on 06/02/2021


Device: KeyMander 2

LCD Displays and Input Lag

The speed at which you can competitively play first-person-shooter games depends on many factors, but the one most overlooked is the lad time of the display. FPS PC gamers are always on the hunt for an advantage, so when specialized (...)

dhamilton updated on 03/06/2020 10:20 AM

dhamilton on 03/06/2020


Device: KeyMander 2

KeyMander 2 3Play Announced Today!

Kaliber Gaming by IOGEAR announced the newest KeyMander 2 3Play Keyboard/Mouse Sharing Switch for PC & Game Consoles today, which enables gamers to share a keyboard and mouse between up to 3 PCs and game consoles with hot key switching, (...)

dhamilton updated on 11/10/2020 1:44 PM

dhamilton on 11/10/2020


Device: KeyMander 2

KeyMander 2 3Play User Manual

The attached User Manual contains the full operational instructions for KeyMander 2. Please see Quick Start Guide for faster access to basic setup and operation instructions.GES1337_User Manual_v1.0

dhamilton updated on 11/13/2020 2:39 PM

dhamilton on 11/13/2020


Device: KeyMander 2

KeyMander 2 Mobile User Manual

The GE1337M full User Manual and Quick Start Guide can be downloaded at the link below:GE1337M User Manual

dhamilton updated on 06/18/2021 11:45 AM

dhamilton on 06/18/2021


Device: KeyMander 2 Mobile

KeyMander 2 Mobile Non-Supported Games

The following is a list of known games that are not compatible with KeyMander 2 Mobile because they lack controller support:Age of Z OriginsAquaria - Supported on Android, not iOSArena of ValorGarena Free Fire Honor of KingsKnives Out Jetpack Jo

dhamilton updated on 04/30/2021 2:58 PM

dhamilton on 04/30/2021


Device: KeyMander 2 Mobile

Android Support Released for K2 Mobile!

The KeyMander 2 Mobile now supports both iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV) and Android operating systems. Update your K2 Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play store and you can play on most mobile devices using a mouse (...)

dhamilton updated on 06/18/2021 11:46 AM

dhamilton on 06/18/2021


Device: KeyMander 2 Mobile

KeyMander 2 Mobile Setup Video

The video below shows the complete setup for KeyMander 2 Mobile, including Office Mode.

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dhamilton on 07/12/2021


Device: KeyMander 2 Mobile

How to Upgrade or Downgrade Firmware

The KeyMander 2 supports both OTA (over-the-air) and PC connection updates. Under most circumstances firmware updates will be performed using standard OTA update function found in the K2 App. There may be times however, when you wish to load a (...)

dhamilton updated on 01/21/2022 11:11 AM

dhamilton on 01/21/2022


Device: KeyMander 2

KeyMander 2 Remote Play for PS5

KeyMander 2 is compatible with PS5 Remote Play using the PS5 controller as explained below. Using remote play allows you to play all PS5 games on PS5 with a PS5 controller connected to your K2, without any other adapters needed. (...)

dhamilton updated on 03/08/2022 4:58 PM

dhamilton on 03/08/2022


Device: KeyMander 2