PS5 Compatibility requirements (2022 update)

3/1/2022 Update: We are updating this post to confirm that we are officially supporting the hardware device known as Beloader to enable KeyMander 2 compatibility with PS5. We are not affiliated with Beloader, however we believe it is a cost-effective (...

DrBubbles updated on 09/29/2022 7:25 PM

DrBubbles on 09/29/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2


KeyMander 2 Mobile is now available!

IRVINE, Calif., March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Kaliber Gaming, a gaming- and eSports-focused division of IOGEAR, today unveils its KeyMander 2 Mobile Keyboard/Mouse Adapter for Mobile Devices, the newest addition to the company's hot-se

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Zach20greg20 on 09/15/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2 Mobile


Firmware Version 1.2.118 released to OTA!

Firmware version 1.2.118 has now been release for over the air update using the K2 App. V.118 fixes the bug that popped up in .117 which accidentally removed previously added compatibility patches for select keyboards and mice. If you have (...)

dhamilton updated on 09/06/2022 12:45 PM

dhamilton on 09/06/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2


Xbox Series X/S Compatibility!

We have confirmed the Xbox Series X/S is compatible with KeyMander 2 and the new KeyMander 2 3Play when using the Xbox One Bluetooth controller model 1708 and both V1 and V2 Elite controllers. EDIT: A pre-release firmware update is (...)

R3alLegalCode updated on 01/28/2021 12:08 PM

R3alLegalCode on 01/28/2021


Device: KeyMander 2


Mic not working

My mic logo is yellow and my mic won’t work

J updated on 09/29/2022 11:32 AM

J on 09/29/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Insufficient power

My app says I have insufficient power and I have the KEYMANDER plugged into my PlayStation and a wall outlet. What do I do ?

Somerandomkid updated on 09/26/2022 5:10 AM

Somerandomkid on 09/26/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Where is good place to buy from in the United Kingdom

I was wondering where a good place to buy in the uk is

J updated on 09/21/2022 8:32 AM

J on 09/21/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

why isn’t my kbm working as it’s already plugged to keymander?

someone help

J updated on 09/07/2022 2:12 PM

J on 09/07/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Works with all wireless Logitech devices!

Greetings!Some info for all of you out there regarding Logitech wireless keyboards and mice: KeyMander 2 works perfectly with every wireless Logitech device I have tried on it. Of course you first have to pair your keyboard and mouse to (...)

dhamilton updated on 09/06/2022 3:37 PM

dhamilton on 09/06/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Cronus zen compatibility

Does the KEYMANDER 2 work with Cronus zen? If not, is it possible to do so. I would like to buy a cronus but not if it doesn’t work with the KEYMANDER 2. If you guys can make the 2 (...)

DoP Punisher updated on 08/21/2022 11:03 PM

DoP Punisher on 08/21/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2


Works fine for 2 seconds and then one of 50 things happen1. The controller says it is disconnected and the whole thing just breaks for 30 seconds 2. The keymander disconnects if you don't have the app open 24/7 3. (...)

York 0w0 updated on 08/19/2022 10:13 AM

York 0w0 on 08/19/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

keymander 2 problem

Hello i’m making a post today because my keymander 2 is having an issue with it not being able to connect to my xbox (not reading). i found out that it can’t connect because my gamepad vibrates and can’t turn (...)

J updated on 08/16/2022 8:14 AM

J on 08/16/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Keyboard and Mouse Capability?

Does the Blue finger mouse work with the Keymander 2? Do DELL keyboards work with it as well?

J updated on 08/15/2022 8:17 AM

J on 08/15/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

how to change macro button

I cannot find how to change my macro key from the side button on my mouse. I want to use this button for gaming and cannot find out how to remap the macro key.

zenmaster updated on 08/10/2022 11:27 PM

zenmaster on 08/10/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Keyboard stopped working after firmware version 118

I haven’t been able to use my keyboard adapter it just turns green and blue and my keyboard light up but doesn’t work on the game or at the Xbox series x home screen can anyone help

J updated on 08/09/2022 9:26 AM

J on 08/09/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

I0 gear keymander

I have everything plugged in to my keymander andy keyboard and mouse still wont do anything

J updated on 08/04/2022 2:23 PM

J on 08/04/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Mouse DPI

I just got keymander 2 and beloader setup for my ps5 and I'm using a G305 wireless mouse. I notice when I try to set the DPI in the app to what my mouse is 12000dpi the mouse barely registers (...)

Walrus updated on 08/04/2022 10:25 AM

Walrus on 08/04/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2


how to delete or edit a macro you made

J updated on 07/29/2022 2:29 PM

J on 07/29/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Xbox series s controller no connecting through gameport

xbox series s controller not lighting up when connected to the game pad port

Solidsnakedoc updated on 07/20/2022 2:54 PM

Solidsnakedoc on 07/20/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2


is rust keyboard and mouse support something that is going to happen and if so when

Sean2321111 updated on 07/12/2022 2:45 PM

Sean2321111 on 07/12/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Does the Kemove Snow Fox 60% work with the KEYMANDER 2?

Want to know before I buy it

MikeZahorchak1026 updated on 07/12/2022 1:07 PM

MikeZahorchak1026 on 07/12/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Sensitivity Curves Inverted

I just got my K2 the day I posted this, and I’m running into one specific problem. No matter what game I play and no matter what curve settings I use my velocity is inverted. I seem to be the (...)

xSrsly updated on 07/09/2022 5:41 PM

xSrsly on 07/09/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Rust profile

Does anyone have a rust profile that's not jumpy when makeing small movements. I've been messing with setting for 2 days trying to get it to feel normal .

Odin625 updated on 06/21/2022 11:11 AM

Odin625 on 06/21/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Keyboard support

Hi, is there support for Corsair keyboard on keymander 2?

Enki updated on 06/20/2022 5:45 PM

Enki on 06/20/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

do razer basilik x hyperspeed work with keymander 3

will be nice to know before i buy

lowelo updated on 06/13/2022 5:55 AM

lowelo on 06/13/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2 3Play

Having truble

HiI cant get my keyboard to work with the keymander 2 why ?

J updated on 06/03/2022 11:46 AM

J on 06/03/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

How does the Keymander 2 works ?

Hi i bought the Keymander like 3 Years ago and for the people that say that it doesn't work or that is bad i get what u mean but it is quite a good mnk adapter to any console, I'm (...)

dhamilton updated on 05/26/2022 4:43 PM

dhamilton on 05/26/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2


Macro not working for me

J updated on 05/26/2022 9:14 AM

J on 05/26/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2


iPhone won’t connect to the KEYMANDER 2.

J updated on 05/11/2022 2:58 PM

J on 05/11/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

It's possible to use this device (KeyMander 2) without Game console and only PC I have?

I bought the device but i dont have XBox or PS4, only PC i have...

MerckQT updated on 05/06/2022 11:10 AM

MerckQT on 05/06/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2