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PS5 Beta Compatibility!

4/28/2021 Update: The PS5 compatibility is still limited at this time to licensed 3rd party controllers, with the list of confirmed compatible controllers below. This list is not exclusive as other controllers may work but are not yet confirmed. If (...)

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dhamilton on 04/30/2021

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Device: KeyMander 2


New K2 App and Firmware v1.2.115 released! PS5 expanded compatibility!

For users that have problems upgrading through the OTA update from the K2 App, please click this link to download the firmware file and install using a PC. The new firmware v1.2.115 adds the following features:- PS5 update: added support with au

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dhamilton on 04/28/2021

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Device: KeyMander 2


KeyMander 2 Contest Giveaway Has Begun!

Calling all KeyMander 2 fans! Share your best game highlights from your KeyMander 2 or KeyMander 2 3Play and be entered to win an UpStream Pro Video Production Switch and other exciting Kaliber Gaming products! Contest runs from 12/18/20 to (...)

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dhamilton on 03/25/2021

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Device: KeyMander 2


KeyMander 2 Mobile is now available!

IRVINE, Calif., March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Kaliber Gaming, a gaming- and eSports-focused division of IOGEAR, today unveils its KeyMander 2 Mobile Keyboard/Mouse Adapter for Mobile Devices, the newest addition to the company's hot-se

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dhamilton on 03/11/2021

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Device: KeyMander 2 Mobile


Xbox Series X/S Compatibility!

We have confirmed the Xbox Series X/S is compatible with KeyMander 2 and the new KeyMander 2 3Play when using the Xbox One Bluetooth controller model 1708 and both V1 and V2 Elite controllers. EDIT: A pre-release firmware update is (...)

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Device: KeyMander 2


New Rainbow Six: Siege test profile posted for PS4

We just posted a profile for Rainbow Six: Siege on PS4 that is updated for the March 2020, R6S changes. This profile has two sub profiles for the Classic and the Updated controller settings. This version has 3/20 on the (...)

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dhamilton on 04/07/2021

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Device: KeyMander 2

Apex Legends GODLY Profile

So if you are like me and come from pc you know how frustrating it is to keep having to go through trial and error! With aiming sensitivity and recoil control (especially with the havoc ;-;) well STRESS NO MORE (...)

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Mintrogue5000 on 03/27/2021

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Device: KeyMander 2

Won’t stop blinking

I just got this product and the second I plugged it In (I did everything and set it up right) started blinking on and off , The mouse and keyboard and controller all kept turning on and off , I’ve (...)

Holiday updated on 02/25/2021 12:16 AM

Holiday on 02/25/2021

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Device: KeyMander 2

Not connecting properly

Ive owned the keymander 2 for over 6 months and have used it fine before but quite recently ive had issues where i would plug everything in and the light on my mouse would stay on and then flash off (...)

dhamilton updated on 01/22/2021 11:28 AM

dhamilton on 01/22/2021

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Device: KeyMander 2

My keymander keeps disconnecting

So yes I follow the directions, I use the same micro usb cord that came in the box to connect the controller. Plugged everything in correct order then turned on PlayStation and k2 app. When I try to use the (...)

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dhamilton on 01/05/2021

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Device: KeyMander 2

Mouse is drifting

How do I stop my mouse from drifting (moving on its own)?

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dhamilton on 01/01/2021

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Device: KeyMander 2

My KEYMANDER doesn’t seem to work...

I tried doing the whole setup, I got the profile to PS4, then I connect my usb to the controller and the mander. It shows that it’s yellow so it’s can connect? But when I try to connect it doesn’t (...)

dhamilton updated on 01/01/2021 8:45 PM

dhamilton on 01/01/2021

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Device: KeyMander 2

Keymander not working as intended

Hi I just got a keymander 2 for Christmas as it was working fine as I thought it completely stopped working it won't turn on by itself when the system is turned on,like it's supposed to it just stays off (...)

Alexrock1102 updated on 12/28/2020 4:25 PM

Alexrock1102 on 12/28/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

Keymander 2 giving can't sync with ps4 notification

Hi same person still having the same issues as last time it doesn't wanna let me even connect to the keymander 2 on my phone I've used 3 different devices and I still get the same error and I find (...)

Alexrock1102 updated on 12/27/2020 5:42 PM

Alexrock1102 on 12/27/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

Destiny 2 Aim Sensitivity While Moving

I'm having trouble with a drop in sensitivity whenever I'm moving in Destiny 2. I'm having trouble finding a setting to adjust for this (like there is on Overwatch). Is there an option to have the sensitivity matched up when (...)

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Taxiee77 on 11/23/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

App question

Is the app down for anyone else right now? Like I can access my profiles but can’t generate a code or put anything in. Nor can I use the Game Center. Just curious

dhamilton updated on 10/19/2020 5:40 PM

dhamilton on 10/19/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

Sensitivity issues.

no matter what game I’m playing, I have to pretty much max out the sliders just to hit a full 360. I follow in the game settings listed, set DPI in software and on my PC to max(16K) I use (...)

TheJJSilva updated on 10/19/2020 8:34 AM

TheJJSilva on 10/19/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

Rogue Company

if Anyone have a good profile for this it’s really slow and not accurate

dhamilton updated on 10/15/2020 4:14 PM

dhamilton on 10/15/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

R6 question / settings.

I’ve noticed a lot of people having issues with Rainbow Six Siege. I have managed to tweak things where it’s not as choppy. I heard that we can share our profiles.. may I ask how to do that? I want (...)

Alexrock1102 updated on 10/12/2020 6:28 PM

Alexrock1102 on 10/12/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

New Rainbow Six Siege Setting?

Any good r6 setting you guys found? 8k dpi btw

dhamilton updated on 10/07/2020 2:59 PM

dhamilton on 10/07/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

Playstation 4 Deadzone settings

Hello! I'm a console player on Siege, and I am very frustrated that the lowest deadzone option is 5. I'm looking for solutions to this problem, because Ubisoft has not added any options for some reason. I know that MnK (...)

PowerestRanger updated on 09/11/2020 7:44 PM

PowerestRanger on 09/11/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

Cant figure out Mouse Settings

Ive recently purchased the Keymander 2 so that I could comfortably play with my console friends using a MnK, however, Ive spent several hours and cannot get my mouse to behave like it does on my PC. Not even close. (...)

dhamilton updated on 07/28/2020 11:22 AM

dhamilton on 07/28/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

Settings r6

Anyone have setting I can have that work great my max dpi is 16k

dhamilton updated on 06/15/2020 5:02 PM

dhamilton on 06/15/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

Rainbow Six Siege DPI

If my mouse has a max 20k dpi, should I put it on 20k and in the app 16k, or do I set my mouse to 16k?

kevln updated on 06/05/2020 4:54 PM

kevln on 06/05/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

Fortnite Battle Royale profile for PS4 updated!

Fortnight has changed their controller settings yet again and moved to a similar setup like Overwatch with Linear and Exponential controller settings. The new Fortnite profile has sub profiles for each mode.

dhamilton updated on 05/07/2020 4:12 PM

dhamilton on 05/07/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

Need help

i have a Corsair harpoon with max dpi of 6000 I’m trying to play rainbow six seige but it’s very choppy and I’m not campible of makeing micro adjustments

dhamilton updated on 04/20/2020 5:49 PM

dhamilton on 04/20/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

What is your personal R6S settings?

I’m wanting to try out various settings to see what all is going on. I find that on update rotation, my aim is more manageable. On classic, it’s all over the place due to a choppy feeling. I can hit (...)

xSrsly updated on 04/17/2020 5:58 PM

xSrsly on 04/17/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

Help please/:

I’m brand new at this so everything can be a bit overwhelming. Even so, I’ve been able to figure out most issues I’ve been having myself. I mainly play Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege and COD MW. I’m using a (...)

dhamilton updated on 04/13/2020 2:27 PM

dhamilton on 04/13/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

Rainbow six siege lean key

So I got the KEYMANDER 2 and I love it 100% worth the money but one thing I don’t like is how my lean key is the same as my run key instead of it being Q E to lean (...)

dhamilton updated on 04/13/2020 1:09 PM

dhamilton on 04/13/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

Soft trigger key

I have an issue with division 2 on ps4. To throw a grenade you must hit a arrow key line up placement then a slight pull on r2 to execute. Well with a click of mouse there's no slight press (...)

dhamilton updated on 04/07/2020 7:33 PM

dhamilton on 04/07/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2