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Rainbow Six Siege " Mouse Trap" *UPDATE

Hello Everyone,Our team is aware of the newly implemented "Mouse Trap" this season. This is currently being looked into by our engineering team as it was just released 4/12/2023. We understand that this is making the game unplayable for most (...)

J updated on 05/30/2023 8:39 AM

J on 05/30/2023

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Device: KeyMander 2


KeyMander 2 Mobile is now available!

IRVINE, Calif., March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Kaliber Gaming, a gaming- and eSports-focused division of IOGEAR, today unveils its KeyMander 2 Mobile Keyboard/Mouse Adapter for Mobile Devices, the newest addition to the company's hot-se

Mr Virtual updated on 04/01/2023 3:16 PM

Mr Virtual on 04/01/2023

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Device: KeyMander 2 Mobile


Firmware Version 1.2.118 released to OTA!

Firmware version 1.2.118 has now been release for over the air update using the K2 App. V.118 fixes the bug that popped up in .117 which accidentally removed previously added compatibility patches for select keyboards and mice. If you have (...)

NBD x Munch updated on 12/06/2022 8:12 AM

NBD x Munch on 12/06/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2


Xbox Series X/S Compatibility!

We have confirmed the Xbox Series X/S is compatible with KeyMander 2 and the new KeyMander 2 3Play when using the Xbox One Bluetooth controller model 1708 and both V1 and V2 Elite controllers. EDIT: A pre-release firmware update is (...)

R3alLegalCode updated on 01/28/2021 12:08 PM

R3alLegalCode on 01/28/2021


Device: KeyMander 2


Mouse don't work on 2042

I transfered all my setting from keymander 1 to the keymander 2. All my other games work except for 2042. I cannot get the mouse to work. It acts like w a s d no matter what I do

J updated on 05/16/2023 8:13 AM

J on 05/16/2023

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Device: KeyMander 2

Apex légende settings

Someone can give me his settings to have the best aim and movements on apex legend with a keyboard mouse please ?? Sincerely: Miizen

Miizen_ updated on 04/01/2023 12:04 PM

Miizen_ on 04/01/2023

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Device: KeyMander 2

Settings apex legend

Hello I would like to have the best movement and aim settings on apex LegendsThank you for answering me.Sincerely: Miizen

Miizen_ updated on 04/01/2023 9:58 AM

Miizen_ on 04/01/2023

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Device: KeyMander 2

Apex legend God settings

I would like a god profil for playing on apex legend pls ????

Miizen_ updated on 03/31/2023 11:48 AM

Miizen_ on 03/31/2023

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Device: KeyMander 2

Apex Legends GODLY Profile

So if you are like me and come from pc you know how frustrating it is to keep having to go through trial and error! With aiming sensitivity and recoil control (especially with the havoc ;-;) well STRESS NO MORE (...)

Miizen_ updated on 03/31/2023 11:47 AM

Miizen_ on 03/31/2023

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Device: KeyMander 2

need help connecting to key mander

when i try to connect my keymander it doesnt let me and says “unable to connect to the server, please check the connection status of your internet device and try again later” i've tried reseting my internet my phone and (...)

J updated on 03/29/2023 8:17 AM

J on 03/29/2023

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Device: KeyMander 2

Need help w key binds

i would really like to know how to change my key binds. in the app is says “listening” and doesn’t do anything so if i could get help with that, that would be great

Darkaheart updated on 01/30/2023 4:48 PM

Darkaheart on 01/30/2023

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Device: KeyMander 2

Cant connect my ps 4 slim withe keymander 2 to play rainbow six

I am connected my ps 4 slim to the key mander 2 and started rainbow six siege and its not working i can't do anything.its flashing blue but nothing  

J updated on 01/25/2023 4:47 PM

J on 01/25/2023

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Device: KeyMander 2

Keymander2 app won't connect with Keymander2 (GE1337P2)

I read and followed instructions. I watched videos. The instructions mention a wireless keyboard option, but I didn't notice a wireless mouse option specifically mentioned in the instructions. I've seen online where IOGEAR and others mention using both

J updated on 01/23/2023 10:30 AM

J on 01/23/2023

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Device: KeyMander 2


i want play rainbow six with mouse keyboard and hés dokt work my keyboard its detect but when im in game i can’t play keyboard

J updated on 01/20/2023 10:32 AM

J on 01/20/2023

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Device: KeyMander 2

[Closed] MnK maps but no in game input.

Hello.I'm on Ps4. I'm able to map in the app with both my mouse and keyboard but am not getting input in-game. MnK both map successfully when i unplugged one or the other. They also map successfully when they're both (...)

DerekTaylor updated on 01/10/2023 8:48 PM

DerekTaylor on 01/10/2023

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Device: KeyMander 2


When I disconnect my keyboard my mouse works but I can’t hear but when I connect the keyboard to the keymander2 it doesn’t work but I could hear

J updated on 01/09/2023 9:13 AM

J on 01/09/2023

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Device: KeyMander 2

I need some help for my ovewatch profil

I need some help with my ovewatch 2 profile

Onseaz35 updated on 12/27/2022 11:11 AM

Onseaz35 on 12/27/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2 3Play

KNM not working. Controller still giving input

My keyboard and mouse aren’t working and my controller is still giving input even though i have everything set up and changed controller device setting to USB. This is on PS4

J updated on 10/27/2022 8:27 AM

J on 10/27/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

BEST set up

Good evening, the keymander 2 has arrived and I have been able to configure it on ps5 with a ps5 controller. With the help of the beloader pro adapter, I play with and mouse on ps5 to battlelfield 2042 but (...)

CAT_2505 updated on 10/12/2022 11:53 AM

CAT_2505 on 10/12/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

How can I get firmware 116 cuz 117 and 8 don’t work

My KEYMANDER keeps blinking blue and is disconnecting my controller and keyboard and sometimes the keyboard stops working entirely and it’s happening really often can u please send me the video on how to update the downgrade the firmware and (...)

J updated on 10/10/2022 8:58 AM

J on 10/10/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Keymander 2 keeps loosing dualshock 4 controller

Hello everyone,I am trying to get the Keymander 2 to work with my ps5.Setup: Playstation 5, PS4 dualshock 4 controller, wireless keyboard and mouse from Dell (KM741)Problem: Everything works just fine for a while (maybe up to 15 minutes). But (...)

truck01 updated on 10/07/2022 10:26 PM

truck01 on 10/07/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Need help

i have the keymander 2 but the only ps4 controller i have is the cuh-zct1 will it still work because when i go to usb only in the settings it says the only option is bluetooth but i can still (...)

truck01 updated on 10/07/2022 10:23 PM

truck01 on 10/07/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Apex Legends Keymander 2 Mobile Version

Hey im looking for good settings for apex legends mobile. It works, but it feels very bad when I'm playing. please show : game settings dpi from the mouse and keymander 2 mobile settings

iTzGorges updated on 07/29/2022 9:00 AM

iTzGorges on 07/29/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2 Mobile


I connected it and switched it to usb but then it just stopped working so I can’t move anything even the controller it starts flashing white on the left side once I plug the controller into it. It won’t flash (...)

dhamilton updated on 07/19/2022 11:00 AM

dhamilton on 07/19/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

R6 sensitivity

I just recently bought a keymander 2 and I’ve really been struggling looking for a sens on ps4. I see many keymander 2 players on ps5/xbox x/s do fine but every sens I try dosent feel right any suggestions?

Kellgocrazy updated on 07/11/2022 12:21 AM

Kellgocrazy on 07/11/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Cannot get it setup

Hi there,Having difficulty with setup. At first I got everything setup but the mouse and keyboard wouldn't work now I cannot get keymander 2 to connect with my phone & app. Thanks in advance for the help.

J updated on 05/26/2022 9:01 AM

J on 05/26/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Rainbow six ps4 profile?

Anyone have any good ps4 siege profiles, i see the sample one is from 2 years ago.

dhamilton updated on 04/14/2022 3:50 PM

dhamilton on 04/14/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Won’t work

I tried to set it up but it won’t work. I watched a lot of videos but it still doesn’t work. I NEED HELP PLEASE.

J updated on 03/31/2022 9:09 AM

J on 03/31/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Jittery/Flicky Aiming

Basically, I'll be trying to aim or just move my mouse in general and everytime I do, I get a sort of sticky jittery movement. It will skip several pixels. It's hard to explain but I play apex and when (...)

xSrsly updated on 02/22/2022 8:38 PM

xSrsly on 02/22/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2

Can not connect with mouse and keyboard

Can someone please help me ? I did everything like in the video. but i can connect my mouse and keyboard. ps4

dhamilton updated on 01/18/2022 4:36 PM

dhamilton on 01/18/2022

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Device: KeyMander 2