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Device: KeyMander 2

Keyboard not working with new update

My KeyMander was updated and as soon as it finished my keyboard stoped working with it plus the RGB on the keyboard also stoped working and when it connected to the back of my Xbox it’s works perfectly fine but when I want to play any other game that doesn’t accept keyboard it doesn’t work pls help I have a DIERYA keyboard

12/25/2021 5:18 PM

Yeah I have the same problem. Right after I installed the update, my Azeron Keyboard stopped working instantly. I am able to see the LED light up but it does not accept any input on the app or plugged into my PS5. It works plugged in directly as a normal keyboard for ps5 and PC no problem. I reset my Keymander 2 to default settings with no luck.

12/27/2021 11:39 PM


01/10/2022 5:40 PM

We are looking into this now as those were all previously confirmed to work after previous patches.

01/18/2022 2:12 PM

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