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Device: KeyMander 2

Halo Infinite (Share code: 027486)

F3 is my Halo Infinite profile that I have been messing with and is so far the most responsive I can come up with. F2 is the linear curve Halo profile I started with. It took me a while to get this far but I know there is definitely room for improvement. It's at least a good place to start though.

Acceleration 5

Sensitivity – Both at max

Move Thumbstick

Center Deadzone - 0

Max Input - 15

Axial Deadzone - 0

Look Thumbstick

Center Deadzone - 6

Max Input - 15

Axial Deadzone - 6

Mouse polling rate lowered to 500. (Going from 1000 to 500 felt NOTICABLY better)

Mouse DPI is 4000. (I tried 2k through 16k and 4k felt best)

12/27/2021 7:52 AM

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