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Device: KeyMander 2

Pleased Fix device Problem with Hori Tac GRIP Keymander 2


Can you Please Fix The Keymander 2

I Got The last Firmware Update i Got a Device Hori Tac GRIP 1 or Hori tac G1 you can use The device as Mouse and Keyboard and IT dont Work with Keymander 2 i Connect The hori tac GRIP in USB Port Keyboard and Controller Xbox one on Controller Port The Controller wont Go on and The Hori Tac GRIP The device to IT goes in and of i teste with a PowerSuplay The Same IT dont Work PS The Hori Tac GRIP ist flashed with 5.07 Ver for Keyboard Support. ......

02/15/2022 11:47 AM

Did your Hori work with the previous firmware version .116? If so, the new firmware update coming out shortly (v.118) may solve this issue for you. Please let us know if v.118 doesn't solve it.

02/17/2022 3:41 PM

No i dident Test because i have The device nee and i cant finde any Issue an The Firmware.

PS You can Switch In The Hori Tac GRIP

In to Mode 1 Mode Ps4 as Controller that Works with Keymander 2

And The Mode 2

Ps3 that Switch in to PC Mode

Because you have to Firmware for Hori Tac GRIP

One Firmware is The Ps3 Mode for ps3 that have xinput

The Firmware Two Turns The in ps3 Mode as PC Mouse and Keyboard

And The ps4 Mode ist Stil Ps4 Mode

PS i have a Xbox Seriƶs X

And i use a Xbox one Controller with older Firmware because i have Read that Xbox Series Controller have issues


I HAVE A Titan Two have The Same Problem only Xbox one Controller Works

PS i have testet to Connect The Titan Two to Set in Hid Mode For Mouse and Keyboard

To Keymander 2

The Keymander 2 dont recognizes Input i use in both device PowerSuplay

And i testet My Monitor have KVM Switch
To Connect to Keymander 2 
It dident Work

Maybe you need dir Hori Tac GRIP 
The USB Hid Information Description

02/18/2022 12:21 AM

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