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Device: KeyMander 2

Keeps disconnecting after I connect to it with the app.

So I have the xbox series s with the new ucb c controllers and when i try to connect my keymander 2 threw bluetooth with the app it connects then disconnects. When it disconnects the bar is green and its blinky i think the color never fully goes but rather kinda fades out a little then fades in a bit then proceeds to do both of those steps continuously.

03/09/2022 3:49 PM


Is the K2 being connected to a direct power source (wall outlet or extension) using the power port on the back of the K2? Sometimes the console itself may not supply enough power for certain setups.

03/10/2022 2:34 PM

The K2's LED has a breathing function which sounds like what you are seeing and is normal. If you are having disconnect issues, make sure your K2 IS NOT paired to your phone like an accessory, and ONLY connected through the K2 App.

What phone are you using and what operating system?

03/15/2022 4:38 PM

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