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Device: KeyMander 2

Mic not working on Xbox One with Series v2 Controller

I cant use my mic in party chat whenever I use my mouse and keyboard. I own a Series 2 controller, and I’m not sure what headset; it was a Christmas present a while back. Whenever I try the two controller method, It doesn’t work either. I like to play “MnK” but it’s hard when I cant play with friends:( Any help is greatly appreciated:)

03/15/2022 7:05 PM

If you are playing a game like Call of Duty Warzone and the speaker does not show up next your name and your party cannot hear you but you hear them, try this:

  1. Verify the microphone is not turned off in the K2 App.
  2. Open the Xbox Menu and go to Power, then turn off the controller but NOT the console.
  3. Unplug the USB cable to the controller.
  4. Reconnect the USB cable to the controller.
  5. After about 5-10 seconds the microphone should show next to your name and you should be able to talk.

03/16/2022 4:14 PM

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