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Device: KeyMander 2

Beloader Lan. Keymander 2 Disconect

Hello i have The Beloader The Beloader is Flashed with The new Firmware Lan 20220223.1815

The Keymander is flashed to with new Firmware i get

The Keymander 2 get Disconect

The Beloader is Connect over a Power A Adapter 2 A with a USB Hub Lan Adapter to use beloader AS lan

The Keymander 2 is Connect with Power A Adapter 2

The Keymander is Connect to USB Hub Port

WE need a new Keymander 2 Firmware

I have testet in Keymander 2 to Connect Two Controllers Xbox one and Ps4 Controller V2

I get Strange behavier

Also i have xim Apex in i testet to Connect only to beloader i dont get Disconect but The xim Poling Rate ist Set To 250hz

The Disconect is Keymander 2 Probleme

I think WE need a fix that Support beloader over Lan

04/15/2022 2:07 AM

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