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Device: KeyMander 2

M&K connected but 0 in game reaction? (R6)

I just purchased a Keymander 2 and am trying to use it to play r6 on my Xbox 1s. My keyboard is a dk63 and my mouse is a glorious model O. I have it on the correct profile and have adjusted the settings to per what I was recommended. I have been troubleshooting at it for a while now and Nothing really seems to be working. Any suggestions? [Email: jaxsonelliot8@gmail.com ]


06/10/2022 2:38 AM

Good morning,

Are you able to map keystrokes and mouse clicks on the K2 app?

Are the LEDs on your M&K lighting up when all is connected?

Please ensure that you are using the micro cable that came in the box as the cable connecting from your controller to the K2. Also, make sure you have another micro USB cable for the power port (not included in the box) connected to a wall outlet.

06/10/2022 8:16 AM

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