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Device: KeyMander 2

Not working

Hi there.. I’m having big time frustration and stress. I’ve bought the KEYMANDER 2 attached to my iPad Pro gen 4 iOS 15.5, mouse Crossair harpoon rgb, ps4 DualShock and Dell keyboard. All gadgets are new. Now saw videos on YouTube from KEYMANDER and IOGEAR plus followed instructions. My DualShock controller is connected on Bluetooth and IOGEAR GE1337M light is still green but nothing is happening. No move from

mouse keyboard even controller. Changed sensitivity checked controller connected in game and it shows but Alas! No joy. I need assistance please

just to add ive already had Bluetooth mouse and keyboard too but for this setup I had to buy new all things and it’s not working at all.

06/22/2022 2:42 PM


What game are you attempting to play?

Remember the game must allow controller support.

  • Some games will require you to finish their tutorials before allowing controller support.

Do you notice a change in LED while trying to use the mouse and keyboard?

Are you able to move with the controller itself in-game?

06/23/2022 8:10 AM

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