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Device: KeyMander 2

My keymander isnt working

I think my keymander is not working because my controller won’t light up with the keymander and I don’t know why it won’t light up but I need help. When turn on the keymander the controller is supposed to light up with it but it doesn’t

07/13/2022 7:45 PM


What console are you on?

This is usually caused due to not using a Charge and Sync cable when connecting the controller to the gamepad port on the K2. The packaging should come with one micro usb cable that is Charge and Sync.

Try using that cable for connecting the controller to the K2. The device does also require a power cable that is also a micro usb. I would recommend using one of the cables you might have around for the power port.

If you are using the cable to connect the controller, connect one thing at a time and see if your mouse OR keyboard may be causing this.

Ex: Connect the hardwired cable to the back of your console > connect the power port to an outlet > connect controller to gamepad port > keyboard then mouse OR mouse then keyboard

07/14/2022 4:02 PM

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