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Device: KeyMander 2

PS5 KM2 Not Working

Just purchased the KM2 and trying to play a PS4 game on my PS5 with no luck.

Followed the setups, checked firmware, downloaded game on KM2 app, set the PS5 controller settings to usb only with a data transfer cable. It still wont register the controller!

Everything is lit up, buttons work as I’ve remapped everything already and when I switch from KM Emulation to KM Direct the PS5 registers those keys.

Does the PS5 controller need a beloader to play PS4 games? I’m at a loss here.


08/03/2022 5:47 PM


It appears that you need a beloader just to use a PS5 controller, even if the game is a PS4 game.

I tested with a PS4 controller and the KM2 worked as intended.

08/07/2022 3:01 PM

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