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Device: KeyMander 2

Won’t work on Xbox x

I have tried everything but my keyboard and moussing will light up for a few seconds and then blink and I can not get the KEYMANDER to connect to my Xbox x

08/09/2022 12:08 PM


What is the model number of your controller (located by under the battery cap)?

What is the make and model of your mouse and keyboard?

Try plugging in either the mouse or the keyboard by itself with the controller. Check to see if one or the other is triggering the K2 to fail powering on successfully.

This kind of behavior is usually caused by:

  • Not using a sync cable from your controller to the K2.
  • K2 not getting enough power. (2.4A or greater power adapter is preferred)
  • Incompatible mouse or keyboard.

08/09/2022 3:05 PM

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