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Device: KeyMander 2

keymander 2 problem

Hello i’m making a post today because my keymander 2 is having an issue with it not being able to connect to my xbox (not reading). i found out that it can’t connect because my gamepad vibrates and can’t turn on while my mouse and keyboard makes flashes off and on with its LED. is there a fix for this?

08/15/2022 9:05 PM

Has anything changed with your set up?

  • New controller
  • New USB cables
  • New mouse or keyboard

Were there any updates that were done to either the Keymander 2 or the controller?

A few different things can cause those symptoms.

  1. Insufficient power
  2. Either the keyboard or mouse may be incompatible
  3. The USB cable that is connecting your controller to the gamepad port is not a Sync cable

Try connecting the K2 one port at a time to see if the mouse or keyboard is specifically causing this issue.

Controller > mouse > keyboard OR Controller > keyboard > mouse

Also, you can try resetting the K2 by pressing and holding down the two buttons on top for about 5 seconds and releasing.

08/16/2022 8:14 AM

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