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Device: KeyMander 2

Works with all wireless Logitech devices!


Some info for all of you out there regarding Logitech wireless keyboards and mice: KeyMander 2 works perfectly with every wireless Logitech device I have tried on it.

Of course you first have to pair your keyboard and mouse to the Logitech Unifying Receiver using your PC. But once the hardware is paired to the Unifying Receiver, you can just unplug the Unifying Receiver dongle from your computer, plug it right into the keyboard USB port on the KeyMander 2, and everything will work flawlessly.

I have confirmed this with three different mouse and keyboard models made by Logitech.

Hey KeyMander forum mods, may want to add wireless Logitech devices to the compatible devices list! :-)

09/02/2022 7:43 AM

What models have you tested? We will very much appreciate the information.

09/06/2022 3:37 PM

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