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Device: KeyMander 2

Ps4. Keymander thinks my touch pad is my share button.

I primarily play Apex Legends. The touch pad is the map button. I can't use it as the map button when using the keymander now because it takes screenshots instead. This issue cropped up after the latest firmware update.

I double checked everything. The map button was assigned in game to the touch pad. The share settings on my ps4 weren't assigned to the touch pad. But my keymander kept treating the touch pad as my share button and the share button wouldn't work at all when mapped.

Got my map to work by changing it to a different button but still can't take screenshots or use the touchpad without using the controller itself.

09/22/2022 4:46 PM

Just to confirm, you started experiencing this after updating the K2's firmware OR was it after updating the K2's app?

What is the model number of your controller?

09/23/2022 9:11 AM

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