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Device: KeyMander 2

keymander 2

do keymanders work for rainbow six siege?

do keymanders need updated right after unboxing?

are keymanders just as good as xims if not better?

can I play rust console edition on keymander 2?

12/14/2022 7:11 AM

The K2 will work on any console game for Xbox One and PS4. The game profiles that we have for download are simply starting foundations to what we believe most beginners would be comfortable with. You have the ability to create a profile for any game you like from scratch. Therefore, it would indeed work with R6 and Rust.

There is a slight learning curve to understand deadzones/curves/sensitivity, but all can be fine-tuned to your preference.

In most cases, the K2 will have an update unless the distributor received a new production stock which will come on the latest firmware. These updates can be performed over-the-air with a mobile device or a PC. Most updates address compatibility issues for certain mice/keyboards, so it is very possible that the firmware loaded may work just fine already if you are unable to update.

Tested combos can be found here: Thread (keymander2.com)

K2 does not offer the ability to load scripts and is simply just an emulator.

12/14/2022 8:33 AM

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