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Device: KeyMander 2

Help me please

I plug everything in and it all lights up, but none of it is working on my Xbox Series S. How do I play with the keyboard and mouse after I plug it in?

12/26/2022 6:31 PM

Good morning,

The K2's box only comes with a Micro USB Charge and Sync cable (for old gen controllers).

Since the new Series S/X consoles come with a USB-C connector, it could be possible that the cable being used is not a sync cables.

You can test this by powering off the controller and connecting the USB directly to your Xbox. If the controller turns on by itself, it is the proper "Charge and Sync" cable needed. If it requires you to press the home button for the controller to turn on while being plugged in, it is only a charging cable.

12/27/2022 8:44 AM

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