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Device: KeyMander 2

My mobile phone can't even find the Bluetooth to connect to the app

I've got the Samsung galaxy S20 Ultra model and my system is android 13.

I'm struggling so much, waited for days for it to arrive and it just doesn't work.

I'm doing everything step by step but can't get past the Finding Device on the app. What I have to do to make it work?

12/29/2022 9:06 AM

Good afternoon,

This issue is currently being looked into by our engineers. It seems to be a new compatibility issue with Android 13 on the latest app version.

You can try to install the previous version of the app with the link below as a temporary solution while the app gets updated. Please uninstall the current version that you currently have before trying to install this version.

Download link: HERE

12/29/2022 10:07 AM

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