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Device: KeyMander 2

My keyboard randomly stops working

I’ve been using my keymander for about 2 weeks now and my keyboard randomly dissconects. The keyboard doesn’t actually disconnect it just stops working, the lights stay on and the mouse still works. I play on xbx1 and my keyboard is a dierya 63. No lights flash on the keymander too it stays green. I have to unplug and plug my keyboard back into work. Turning off the remote and turning it on also doesn't work

01/14/2023 4:07 PM

We haven't yet tested the Dierya 63 in house. However, it sounds like it could potentially be a power issue.

Are you utilizing the power port on the K2 (preferably onto a 2.4A power adapter)?

Also, try connecting the keyboard into the mouse port and the mouse into the keyboard port.

Just to confirm, does the mouse continues to work after the keyboard goes out?

01/17/2023 9:34 AM

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