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Device: KeyMander 2

Keyboard not mapping

My keyboard not working , I reset plenty of time , even trying the three method but the keyboard wont respond back. I try another keyboard with LED light and it turn on but wont respond back , even buying another K2 and no luck , and when ever I try to plug my keyboard in , it wiggle little bit that something it disconnect my keyboard. I don't know if that the problem , but the keyboard is not mapping.

01/19/2023 12:37 AM

What is the make and model of the keyboards?

Are you using the power port on the K2 and connecting to an outlet?

When you are unable to map either the mouse or the keyboard, it usually means that there is insufficient power or that one of them is incompatible.

Just to confirm, you are able to map your mouse just fine, but it is your keyboard that will not map on the app.

01/19/2023 8:26 AM

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