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Device: KeyMander 2

Need to turn quicker in Overwatch 2

Bought the device in order to play Genji on OW. Love to find a way to be able to do 180 degree turns. Any advice?

07/21/2023 8:07 PM

Btw, i saw http://keymander2.com/thread/1095/5 this thread. It didn't seem to help much.

07/21/2023 8:09 PM

If you want I can share you the profile code for my Overwatch config.

I've generated a game profile Sharing Code for you: 652440

My mouse dpi is 1600 and my in app is 5200 or 6k.

if you want faster run 3200 mouse dpi and a higher in app.

07/28/2023 11:45 AM

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