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Device: KeyMander 2

News updates

Your update is not interesting!

Turbo mode has no effect, no recoil, but a rapid fire effect. You keep pressing for weapons one by one, this avoids clicking.

My update from September 2023 to completely kill Turbo mode it is faulty totally useless it pulls and stops pulling even while remaining pressed. I had to put 1 instead of 0.1 on turbo to avoid the bug before I used 0.1 now I have to do 1

This mode was just good for pistols and single-shot weapons which help avoid clicking the fire button

Bug mode if you are in 0.1 seconds in the turbo, you must put 1.0 then this new update

If you play in 0.1 seconds in Turbo it will shoot bug and sometimes it doesn't shoot for 4 seconds while it's in 0.1 lol

09/15/2023 8:44 AM


Thank you for reporting this. We have confirmed this issue with turbo mode and will be getting fixed.

As for the anti-recoil, it is dependent on the new app update that is scheduled to come out very shortly. Most likely sometime today as we are just waiting for the app store to make it live.

09/15/2023 11:00 AM

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