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Device: KeyMander 2

Keymander won’t work

Even though everything is plugged in correctly and the green light shows it is connected to xbox nothing will work

09/20/2023 7:28 PM

Please make sure you are using a charge and sync cable.

You can test this by having controller completely turned off and connecting it directly to your Xbox via USB.

  • If it turns on by itself and connects, it is a charge and sync cable.
  • If it requires you to press the home button to power on the controller after connecting, it is NOT a charge and sync cable.

If you determine it is not a charge and sync cable, try looking around to see if you have any other cables that you can try out doing the same test. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a "Charge and Sync Cable" normally found next to where the controllers are being sold.

09/21/2023 9:25 AM

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