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Aim Assist

In games that offer an Aim Assist feature it is usually a good idea to make sure Aim Assist is set to off or disabled. Aim Assist will usually work against the precision of a mouse as it attempts to snap to the hitbox on nearby targets, and can degrade precision accuracy in games like Overwatch. Keeping this setting off can improve your KeyMander experience as you become more competitive, especially when sniping targets and trying to lead them.

For users that are new to keyboard and mouse play, Aim Assist may help your confidence as you get used to playing with KeyMander 2, especially if you run and gun with shotguns or other close range weapons. As you progress with KeyMander 2 we highly encourage you to turn off Aim Assist as it will make your aiming more fluid, make headshots easier, and help grow your skill to make you a better overall player.

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