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Converting Game Profiles For Different Consoles

In the event you need a profile for a specific game that is not yet available for your console, you can use a similar profile for a different console and then change the console setting of the profile to help you get started. To change the console type, open the K2 App and select the Library tab.  If you do not have the profile you want to convert you can download it from Game Center.  If you already have the profile you need to convert and want to duplicate it on a different console:

  1. Swipe right on the profile to open the Duplicate option. 
  2. Press Duplicate to make a copy of the profile.
  3. Swipe left on the copied to open the Edit options.
  4. Press Edit to open the option to select Game Console, edit profile name or profile cover image.
  5. Press the Game Console to bring up the selection wheel, then choose the console type you want for this profile and press Done.
  6. Press Save and the bottom of the screen to complete the conversion process.