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Device: KeyMander 2

Besavior U5


I've tested the Besavior U5 from the Beloader team with the Keymander 2.

It works great and the latency is way less then the beloader pro working with remote play.

The only thing you need to know is that you need the PS5 controller connected to the Besavior U5. The Keymander 2 needs an official PS4 dualsense controller. When you use 2 PS5 controllers it disconnect around 5-10 minutes.

Also a 3rd party controller like the Hori mini controller will not work.

PS: the PS5 new edge controller will not work with the Besavior U5.

10/17/2023 8:44 AM

After testing for a couple of days I must say the latency is 0. With the U5 its possible to set the deadzones in the kemander 2 app at 0 without having the jitty feel.

If you guys/girls have questions about the settings, ask!

10/20/2023 5:59 AM

Would I need two ps5 controllers to use the Keymander 2 and u5 combo? If not, will I have to plug the ps5 controller into the u5 or Keymander 2 in order for it to work?

12/09/2023 1:35 AM

Hi Krazy,

PS5 controller in the U5 port.

PS4 controller in the keymander 2 port.

12/13/2023 11:05 AM

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