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How to Use the Active Thumb Stick Swap Feature

The Active Thumb Stick Swap feature interchanges functions of the left and right thumb sticks while an activator key is held. This functionality allows full compatibility with games featuring a “weapon wheel” or “command wheel” that has locations which are difficult or impossible to access using the standard WASD keys for selection. Once Active Thumb Stick Swap is enabled, pressing the activation key swaps the movement commands to the mouse, and the look commands to the WASD keys.

Setting up Active Thumb Stick Swap

To use the Active Thumb Stick Swap, you must first use the KeyMander software to turn on the feature and program an activator key for it.

  1. Open the K2 App and select the profile you wish to use.
  2. Click the Mapping tab and scroll down to Active Swap.
  3. Assign a key to activate the stick swap (tip: using the same key to activate the command wheel is recommended).
  4. Choose between Hold or Toggle for the Active Swap function. When Toggle is set, the Active Swap will remain engaged until the swap key is pressed again. When hold is selected, the Active Swap will only be engaged while the swap key is held. If you use the same key for the command wheel as Active Swap, choose Hold.

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