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Device: KeyMander 2

Moving on it’s own

For some reason when ever I’m playing any game with my KEYMANDER mostly happens on rust I will be moving then it will move a random direction. Say if I’m moving from left to right it will just stick to moving right even if I let go of my keys. And no it’s not stick drift.

11/09/2023 7:26 PM

Have you tried reconfiguring your dead zones?

Does this happen on every profile such as the default console one?

11/14/2023 9:06 AM

u have to down grade i think

12/28/2023 9:56 PM

If dead-zones have been configured and you are still experiencing this with your setup, please see my pinned thread for the downgrade links. The older aim engine may suite your setup better.

01/04/2024 9:58 AM

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