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Can I use a headset with KeyMander 2?

The short answer is YES you can connect your headset with mic, but depending on your system it may not be as straight forward as just plugging it in.

  • Xbox One/Xbox One S: Headsets are supported by KeyMander 2 when connected directly to the controller’s 3.5mm jack.
  • Xbox 360: Headsets are supported when connected to an original Xbox 360 controller.
  • PS4 Pro/PS4: Headsets are supported by KeyMander 2 when connected directly to a PS4 V2 controller’s 3.5mm jack. Audio from original PS4 controllers (non-V2 controllers) is not supported.
  • PS3: Headsets are not supported on the controller, however there is a workaround to allow a headset to pass chat and game audio. Please see Headset connection for PS3 with KeyMander 2.
  • Nintendo Switch: Headsets are supported with connection to Nintendo Switch console 3.5mm jack directly.

Please update your Xbox One controller to the latest firmware first

Work around methods 1. Plug off and Plug on the Controller again 2.Tripple click the button 2 to reset K2

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