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Device: KeyMander 2

Everything is plugged into my keymander and my keymander is plugged into my xbox and its flashing blue and not responding to my keys

Please help me b4 i ground slam my keymander

01/26/2024 4:34 PM

Start with only having the mouse connected to the K2 (no controller or keyboard) and try mapping left and right click on the K2 app. If it registers the left/right click on the app, it is compatible.

Repeat this test with only keyboard connected (no controller or mouse). If it registers keystrokes, it is compatible.

Now, if you notice that both keyboard and mouse register when mapping, it is usually the USB cable that is connecting the controller to the K2. Try different ones if you happen to have some around your house. The required USB cable is a "Charge and Sync" cable.

On Xbox, you can test for a charge and sync cable by having you controller completely off and connecting directly to your Xbox via USB.

If the controller turns on by itself, it is a charge and sync cable.

If the controller just vibrates and requires you to press the home button to turn on, it is NOT a charge and sync cable.

01/29/2024 11:00 AM

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