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Device: KeyMander 2

When will the next update be out

My keymander randomly shuts off and I have no way to downgrade the firmware

01/31/2024 11:52 AM

We do not have an ETA as of now. Once out, the update will be released over-the-air and available through the K2 app.

The K2 randomly shutting off does not sounds like a known issue with the latest firmware...

If this is the case, it's usually due to:

  • K2 not receiving enough power (2.4A power adapter is recommended)
  • There is a loose/bad connection from the controller to the K2.
  • There is a loose/bad connection from the K2 to the console.

If both the keyboard and mouse work while it is powered on, it tells me that it's not a factor of compatibility. Therefore, a compatibility firmware update is likely to not have any affect for this kind of issue. If it were an incompatibility issue, the keyboard and/or mouse would cause non-stop power cycles OR simply would not respond at all.

02/01/2024 8:34 AM

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