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Device: KeyMander 2


Whenever I move my mouse, the faster i move it, the slower the sensitivity is, and the slower i move the mouse, the faster the sensitivity is. How do i fix this?

On rainbow 6

02/14/2024 7:07 AM


What you're encountering is Max Turn Speed (in-game) for consoles. For a more detailed answer, you can refer to this thread HERE. You can notice this most when you try to "flick" for a quick 180/360 turn.

This would happen with all emulators and will always feel a bit different as opposed to "flicking" movements on PC versions of games.

It is best to have max in-game sensitivity with the highest DPI possible on your mouse while matching that to the K2 App DPI to be able to make small movements while covering a decent amount of camera movement.

02/14/2024 9:02 AM

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