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Device: KeyMander 2

Problems with the mk connection

Hi, I would like some help regarding the keymander. Today like every other day I turned on the device and opened Overwatch but neither the keyboard nor the mouse worked. I tried various solutions but none of them allowed me to play as before. The only way to make it work the keyboard and the mouse was to click F8 but by doing so the mouse works very badly and I can no longer play play as before in short if I try to return to the classic emulation the mouse and keyboard no longer respond to commands I have tried every solution also reset keymander device but it seems as if it has crashed

02/27/2024 7:14 AM

Now that I'm trying again I realized that the only keys on the keyboard that "work" when I don't put the f8 mode are the F8,F9,F10,F11,F12, but all the other letters don't work and obviously not even the mouse.

02/27/2024 7:29 AM


F8 toggle modes between KM Emulation and KM Direct.

KM Direct is to allow true keyboard and mouse input in case you want to type a message or use the browser on your console. Some games have native keyboard and mouse support which is why some will actually allow you to play while in the mode.

KM Emulation is when it is actually emulating controller input buttons which would allow you to play in just about every game as they all have controller support.

With this being said, KM Emulation is heavily dependent on the controller syncing to the K2 using a Charge and Sync cable. In most cases, this is the reason why some users fail to see keyboard and mouse input while in KM emulation. It is worth trying a few different USB-C cables (connecting the controller to the K2 controller port) as it can make a huge difference.

KM Direct does not require a controller to be connected or sync'd to utilize as it would be seen as if you're connecting the keyboard and mouse directly to your console.

While in KM Emulation, does your keyboard and mouse work in any other games or while loading a different game profile on the K2 app?

What console are you playing on?

02/27/2024 4:03 PM

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