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Device: KeyMander 2

Doesn’t seem to work

to start off. I can’t sign up or or even sign in on the app. I saw the thread on a different post on here that says they’re bypassing that and click * here * to download. Theres nothing to download. I tried. the app is up to date in the App Store. My PS5 is connected to the hardware and everything is lit up but not functioning. The only thing I’m able to use is my controller. Also, I’m trying to play rust and there is only 1 file will. Is for Xbox so that does me no good. If I don’t need that it’s no big deal. I can make my own settings. I’ve followed instructions and watched videos. Doesn’t work. Is there a fix or will this not be compatible

03/01/2024 7:46 AM

The bypass was not to correct the sign in issue (this has been disabled on our server's end). That bypass version has already been released over-the-air so if you updated through the app, you should already have it. Before, it used to require you to sign in before being able to load any profiles at all. Now, you should be able to without the need to sign in/up.

As long as you are playing PS4 games with a PS4 controller on your PS5, you should be able to use the K2 if you have done the following:

  • Set PS4 controller settings to "Use USB" as the communication method on your PS5 settings.
  • Using a charge and sync cable (one should be supplied in the box) to connect your PS4 controller to your K2.
  • Tested for compatibility for mouse and keyboard individually.

To test for compatibility, all you have to do is start with only having either the mouse OR keyboard connected and check to see if the app registers the mouse click or keystroke when mapping a button.

  • If it registers, it is compatible.
  • If it does not register and/or causes the K2 to go into a boot cycle, it is not a compatible mouse/keyboard.

If you are trying to play a PS5 game with a PS5 controller, the K2 alone cannot do this as Sony implemented a block that cannot be bypassed simply via firmware. The only methods as of now to do this would be using a Remote Play hardware solution such as a Beloader Pro or a PC.

Remote Play via Beloader



Remote Play via a PC:


03/01/2024 1:34 PM

As for the Rust profile, simply download the Xbox version > Swipe to edit the profile > Select PS4.

03/01/2024 1:35 PM

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