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Device: KeyMander 2


A firmware update to allow us to emulate a ps4 or Xbox controller on pc would be nice. At this moment it emulates a Switch Controller, that's fine and all but it has a built in deadzone that cannot be changed which is very annoying.

As for connecting a genuine XBOX controller windows simply gives a usb connection error then the device shuts off whenever the controller is connected(have tried with multiple cables)

The 1A power port is connected to ac

03/06/2024 4:01 PM

Will forward to product management. However, PC was not an officially supported platform for the K2. That would be the reason to why we don't offer official support/instructions for controller emulation on PC.

K2 only officially supports consoles as of now. The PC configuration was found by community members.

03/14/2024 4:52 PM

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