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Device: KeyMander 2

Not Working with PS5 at all

When trying to use the product after doing all the steps listed (plug in controller, keyboard, and mouse) the device still does not work. It does however work when connected with the app, but not the ps5, at all. I would like to use the product without having to buy another, if possible.

03/25/2024 5:19 PM

Since PS5 revokes controller authentication when an emulator is connected to the Dual Sense controllers, Remote Play is a requirement if you are wanting to play PS5 games. Only methods of doing this would be through adapters such as Beloader Pro or a PC (subjected to lag as they rely on stable connection).

There was the U5 which was a community favorite as it felt the smoothest of all solutions (in my opinion) but was recently patched with a Sony update.

You can only play PS4 games on the PS5 using a PS4 controller without Remote Play.

This is not something that can be added to the K2 with firmware unfortunately.

Unless Sony decides to lift the DualSense controller authentication, it will not be possible with the K2 alone.

03/26/2024 8:58 AM

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