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Device: KeyMander 2

Controller problem

I bought a new controller for my series s but I plugged it in the KEYMANDER 2 and the controller turned on but nothing else.

05/05/2024 12:10 PM

Sounds like this is being caused by the sync cable if neither the mouse nor keyboard is working.

Please try this test with a few different USB-C cables you may have around.

  1. Power off controller completely
  2. While the controller is off, connect your controller via USB DIRECTLY to your console (bypassing the Keymander 2).
  3. Check to see if your controller turns on by itself OR if it requires you to press the home button to power on when you connect the USB.

You need to have a cable that will power on your controller by itself without you needing to press the home button. If you do not have one, you will need to get a USB-C "Charge and Sync" cable for your controller.

05/06/2024 1:50 PM

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