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Device: KeyMander 2


please KeyMander add all the playstation games to keymander 2 3play https://store.playstation.com/en-us/pages/latest?

06/02/2024 11:47 PM

This would not be possible as they are handmade profiles. We would not access to every game that has been released. The only differences between profiles really are the dead zones and curves. In most cases, these values will even need to be adjusted from the uploaded profiles as it can vary depending on the setup. One user's perfect dead zone values may not apply to someone else's setup.

The profiles are simply starting foundations.

Aside from those settings, everything else is just player preference settings such as sensitivity, rapid fire, macros, keybinds....etc.

A profile for just about any game can be made from scratch on the app. The main configuration consists of dead zones and curves depending on the game + setup.

06/04/2024 12:06 PM

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