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Device: KeyMander 2

Keymander two PS5 - Apex legends

Hi all i recently got a keymander two and the setup was pretty good i connected it using remote play and everything was fine. Then i launched apex legends and tested it out. First the mouse wouldnt work in the lobbies and i had to used wasd on my keyboard to move around the cursor. Then i hop into the training range and the movement is decent but the mouse movement is so slowwwwwww it takes me a woping 20 seconds to turn my cursor in a 180 and then suddenly my mouse is being used to move around and i have to use wasd to turn around but my right and left click still register for shoot and aim. I have downloaded the software update and adjusted some of the settings but nothings working pls help meeeeeeeeeeee.

06/25/2024 4:04 AM


  1. The Keymander is an emulator so the mouse will emulate your right analog stick. In Apex, the cursor is moved with the left stick. It will not see true mouse input as you would see on a PC. Your mouse will be sending button inputs depending on what it's mapped to. Mouse by default is set to right stick.
  2. Mouse movement speed can be due to multiple factors. Ideally, you'd want to max out in-game sense, set your mouse's DPI to the highest value (match the value in the app as well), and also utilize the sensitivity bar on the K2 app.
  3. Sounds like you enabled LS // RS Swap feature. If WASD now emulates your right stick (camera) while the mouse emulates your left stick (movement), you've likely either set this feature to a hotkey or you enabled it in the settings. This can be found under the Edit Profile > Sensitivity > Weapons (tab) > "Swap L/R Stick". It's likely set to toggle since the changes have stayed.

06/28/2024 10:55 AM

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